Compensation flat dripper on Tube

Products Description

The pressure compensated labyrinth runner is equipped with a flat emitter, because the labyrinth runner is back to the inner Wall of the drip irrigation belt, and a silica gel compensator is added. The utility model can avoid the influence of the drip irrigation belt pipe Wall deep into the labyrinth flow channel, And in the case of water pressure changes. To ensure that in different inlet pressure (0.5-3 bar) conditions, Not affected by the size of the pressure, to provide a uniform flow, to ensure the accurate distribution of water and fertilizer.
Can manufacture 32 cavities,64 cavities,128 cavities,256 cavities,384 cavites,448 cavities,512 caviies,hot runner,semi-hot runner molds and full hot runner molds.
Cycle time of mold injection molding:3-8s.
Service life of mould:More than 5 million times.

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