Compensation Emitter on Tube

Products Description

Features and Advantages of On-Tube Pressure Compensation Emitter:
Pressure compensation function:Ensure uniform flow rate and accurate distribution of water and fertilizer under different inlet and outlet pressures (0.5-3 bar )
The labyrinth turbulence channel ensures the large flow channel, and the wide flow channel improves the anti-clogging performance.
Continuous self-flushing to improve anti-clogging performance;On-tube pressure compensation emitter can be flexibly and accurately installed where needed:Made of anti-aging materials, with anti-UV ability, can withstand high temperature and direct sunlight.
On-tube pressure compensation emitter products can be based on customer needs emitter shape and size. Design and production of different types of emitter mold.
Dripper flow:All traffic in the 1-16L range.
16-cavity 32-cavity 64-cavity semi-hot runner full hot runner mold.
Precision modern processing concept. Multi-cavity mold to maintain consistency. Emitter product flow stability.
Mold injection cycle time: 10-16s.
Service life of mold: More than 3 million times.

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