Pressure Compensation Drop Product

Products Description

The product specifications of the pressure compensation cylindrical dripper are:Φ16Φ20 mold can be made into 16 cavities,24 cavities,32 cavities,64 cavities,semi-hot runner
Injection cycle cycle time:8-10s.
Mold service life:more than 5 million times.

Cylindrical pressure compensation features:
1、The large channel dripper has a wide labyrinth channel. Under high water pressure, the long flow channel can form turbulent flow in the dripper with self-cleaning function, and the dripper is not easy to clog 2、The dripper is inside the pipe, the integrity of the drip irrigation is good, and the outer wall of the pipe is smooth. The drip-tip will not be damaged or fall off during pipe laying.
3、The pipe is made of LLDPE plus anti-aging agent and ultraviolet absorber, which has the characteristics of light weight, crack resistance and durability.
4、The pressure compensation dripper compensation sheet is made of high-quality silicone, which can maintain the dripping stability of the dripper, and is suitable for complex terrain and long-distance laying applications.
5、Intrusive drip irrigation hose for irrigation of non-equidistant and irregular crops.
How cylinder pressure compensation works:
The mosaic drip irrigation pipe is made by inserting the cylinder drip irrigation pipe into the pipe in an intermittent and continuous manner, bonding it into a whole at high temperature, and opening holes on the pipe. The tube wall is thicker, and it is still tubular after coiling. Water enters the filter port, consumes energy through the turbulent flow channel, reaches both ends of the discharger of the cylinder, and then drips evenly to the roots of the plants through the openings on the pipe wall.

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